WCCC Now Offers New Exciting Fitness Classes!

| By Kaitlyn Robinson |

Warren County community College is now offering fitness and exercise classes as a Continuing Education Personal Enrichment Non-credit course. The classes being offered at this time are Curvy Yoga for Beginners, and Belly Dancing for Beginners. Both taught by Leieh Orner-Barnese, who is the only Curvy Yoga instructor from Pittsburgh to Princeton. These classes are designed to target all ages and experience levels, and participants are not required to have any past experience. Dianne Czar, a Program Coordinator and 55+ Active Health Educator for WCCC, spoke about the classes saying “We are trying to promote healthy aging and social stimulation in the community.”

Curvy Yoga for Beginners runs from March 4th to April 22nd and will be on Fridays 9am to 10 am. Participants will be required to pay a fee of $79 in order to attend the class. This class will not only teach basic yoga terms but also proper breathing techniques, and modified poses. If feeling adventurous, try the Belly Dancing for Beginners, which runs from March 4th until April 22, 10am till 11:30am on Fridays. “The younger group will really enjoy this class. It is different and exciting and I think even the older crowd would be interested in trying something new like this too” Czar said.

The classes are designed to be flexible for those who may have restrictions so their specific needs can be met. The instructor works closely with each student to insure he/she is receiving the best experience. Everyone can move at their own pace, these classes are designed to be welcoming and more relaxed compared to a class you might take at a gym while still getting a good workout.
Czar stated that students are asked to wear active clothing that is loose and comfortable. It is also recommended participants bring water. If interested in enrolling in two classes, participants can save $10 if signing up for both Curvy Yoga and Belly Dancing. Other information about the classes and other Personal Enrichment classes can be found on the WCCC Continuing Education Catalog. To register or get more information, please call 908-689-7613.

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