Tutoring: The Key to Success

| By Matthew Rand |

When it comes to college students struggling with one or multiple classes, the number one resource is getting a tutor. A tutor is a teacher, usually who teaches with a student one on one or in a small group. A tutor is usual required in any college if a student is struggling with his or her classes. If he or she does not get help from a tutor and is having trouble with the material, in most cases he or she would be in danger of failing the class. According to the NEA (National Education Association), “tutoring is a term that’s been used to describe a wide array of arrangements, but most research has shown that its success refers to students working in pairs to help one another learn the material”.  When interviewing Chris Danberry of the WCCC tutoring staff, he stated that “it is an honor to tutor students at WCCC and that he loves to see the students he teaches achieve in the subjects they needed help in”.

tutoring_clipThe majority of the students that attend Warren County Community College are part time.  In 2013, 55% of students were going to college part time, while 45% of the students were full time as stated in the WCCC Institutional Profile. The student to teacher ratio at WCCC is 14-to-1, with that being said, teachers don’t get a lot of one on one time with the students depending on the size of the class. So when students are struggling, getting a tutor could be the best decision.

In addition to helping students in danger of failing a class, a tutor will help a student by going over the material being taught, deeper and in more detail. For some students teaching is more beneficial one-on-one.

Another good perspective as to why a student should get a tutor is that it will help with the students’ academic performance along with his or her own personal growth. While the tutor is helping the student understand the material, which should improve grades. The tutor will give helpful advice and tips to the students on how to study and do the material being giving. When it comes to personal growth, an individual will learn new helpful ways to approach the material being taught in all classes. Not all students are the same though, different students learn to do things in different ways.  A tutor will show students different methods on how to learn the material as well as tricks to make it less difficult.

Another benefit would be that the tutor will improve the student’s attitude towards a subject by experiencing a new way of learning. According to Aspen-learning.com, recent studies from the California Research Bureau report that tutored students increased an average of 2.1 grade levels over the years in comparison to a control group with similar characteristics who did not receive tutoring. Also stated by the California Research Bureau report, is that tutored students perform higher on standardized test scores in the areas of mathematics and language arts.

Being tutored can also help improve a student’s self-esteem by he or she understanding the material instead of not understanding it and getting frustrated.  When interviewing another Tutor staff at WCCC, Breighanna Gonzalez said that, “it is a challenging job depending on the type of student that you are tutoring and that she recommends students to get tutored here at WCCC”.

At WCCC tutoring is available at the Instructional Support Center (ISC). The Instructional Support center is found in room 105 across from the library. It provides academic help to students and is available for any course a student may be taking. The ISC is staffed with trained professionals to help students succeed. To get in contact with the ISC call (908)-835-2354 or email iscmail@warren.edu.

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