Helpful Hints for students when using MyWarren (eLearning)…

| By Marianne Van Deursen |

Getting timed out after authoring a winning discussion post and then losing your work?

This can be very frustrating for a student show spends a tremendous amount of time responding to a challenging DQ on the Discussion Board and it is very disappointing to lose that response if the program times you out.


Suggestion: Author the response in a Microsoft Word document and save it on your computer. Once you have finished authoring it, THEN open up the DQ and click “Reply”. Cut and paste from your Word document into the response text box and then submit the response.

Having trouble submitting documents to Coursework or Discussion Board posts in eLearning?

When submitting a document to coursework drop boxes, students often upload the documents, but the assignment isn’t actually submitted. Some students also encounter problems uploading attachments to DQ replies. This could be due to a variety of issues.


  • After uploading documents to Coursework, you still have to click on the Blue Box to “Submit” your work.
  • Don’t try submitting documents from your mobile devices or tablets. Submissions work best from your pc or mac computers/laptops. Don’t wait until the last minute to submit a document, just in case you encounter a problem with the technology.
  • If you are having trouble submitting using one browser, change browsers and log back in to MyWarren and your eLearning course. Internet Explorer does not work so well with eLearning so try Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari. You can also save your document as a PDF before submitting.
  • Save your work on a USB and come to the college to use a computer on campus to submit your work if you are unable to do so off campus.
  • Again, be sure not to leave the browser open too long before attempting to upload and submit your documents; particularly when submitting attachments to the Discussion Boards.
    Always go back to double check that your submitted documents are showing as submitted. It is the STUDENT’s responsibility to ensure that documents are properly submitted.
  • Take screenshots of your failed attempts and send them to your instructor, so she/he can see where you are having trouble specifically.

If you encounter any problems, it is best to contact the Assistant Dean, Marianne Van Deursen, who oversees the distance education program and eLearning. Her contact information is: email (she responds during the day/evening and on weekends), phone 908-835-2430, or stop by her office in Academic Services.

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