WCCC Hosts Annual NJC4 Completion Week

| By John “Jack” Reinhard, WCCC Social Media Intern |

WASHINGTON, NJ – Completing college can mean any number of things, particularly when you ask around at Warren County Community College (WCCC).  With an Associate’s degree from community college, students are well-prepared for the next steps in their lives whether those plans call for transferring to a four-year college, landing a dream job or even starting their own business.


Recently, the WCCC Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society along with other campus groups hosted the C4 College Completion week.  Students, faculty and administrators were encouraged to sign a banner pledging to themselves to complete college or—in the case of faculty and administrators—to support and assist others in fulfilling their goals.  The annual event has become a popular one at WCCC.  “It really goes a long way to show how motivated the students at WCCC are in taking on the challenges they face in actually completing college,” noted Phi Theta Kappa President Ben Volk.

Those who signed the banner enjoyed refreshments as they talked about their future endeavors.  They were able to speak with advisors and other faculty members about transferring to other schools, securing jobs or planning for their future upon graduating from WCCC.

NJ C4 is a statewide initiative to spread the importance of college completion among community college students.  “Any time students can get together and share goals, aspirations and inspire one another, you’re going to see the best come out of our next generation,” said President Dr. Austin.

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