New Building on WCCC Campus in Washington

| By Maria Goncharenko |

Warren County Community College is going to begin construction on an additional building within the next two years. The construction of the new building was mentioned during November WCCC Board of Trustees meeting.  Although there is no specific date set for construction to begin, the plans, financial as well as blueprints, are being finalized.


The new building will be located where the modular adjunct offices are right now. It will be a one-story building about 75-77 hundred square feet which will include a lecture hall, seating 150-185 people. This building will also include a large computer lab for up to 50 students. There will be adjunct offices as well as ADA compliant restrooms. There were a couple conceptual designs done for funding purposes, where part of funding is planned to come from a General Obligation (GO) bond.

The building will also be built with the environment in mind. “We are not going to have solar panels for this new building, but we will make sure this building will use energy efficient ways for heat/air conditioning,” shared Dean of Administration, Dennis Florentine.

When asked about any construction inconvenience for students, Florentine assured that there is nothing students should worry about. The only people affected will be the adjunct faculty and student veterans, since both offices and the room dedicated for veterans must be moved from modular building back to the main building during the time of construction.  It should also be noted that the main campus parking lot will not be affected by the construction either.

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