Golden Eagle’s Safety Nest Helps WCCC Students

WCCC’s Program to Aid Food Insecure Students

| By Karen Hillyer & Lisa Stoll |

Food Insecurity among college students is a national issue.  Students are continually making a difficult choice to either pay rent or eat.  Many students can go days without eating a full meal. Others rely on cheap food substitutes which momentarily suppresses hunger, but don’t provide the daily fuel that the body needs to process information and critically listen. Numerous research studies show that lack of food and nutrition can create many symptoms which hinder the skills needed to be effective in the classroom.  This problem is something that the WCCC community is trying to fix.

The Golden Eagle’s Safety Nest program at WCCC is designed to aid food insecure students while addressing the issue of lack of space for a food bank.  The way it works is simple.  Donations allow the program coordinators to purchase Shop Rite gift cards.  The cards are distributed to students based on need on a bi-monthly basis.

The WCCC community is very effective in helping others in Warren County.  This program is an opportunity to help our own.  Donations of $20 Shoprite gift cards to this program, will help support the students who need it.

For more information about the program and its procedures, join us on Facebook at:   If you need assistance, please know that your information will only be viewed by the program coordinators, Karen Hillyer and Lisa Stoll.

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