Going to Class, Hungry

| By Jimmy Crouse |

Over the course of the past two years that I have been in college, my family and I have struggled financially. After paying bills, there is never money left over for food. If it weren’t for my credit cards and local food banks, my fiancée and I would be incapable of providing food for our family. Luckily for us, we are able to pay off a portion of that accumulated credit card debt with our tax returns.

I wish I only had to worry about school work when I was on campus. I find it difficult to spend so much time at WCCC and not be able to eat when I am hungry. It is hard to concentrate on coursework when food is all I can think about. I watch fellow classmates bring in a variety of foods while I add hot water to a cup of soup. I eat the cup of soup and my hunger goes away for a short period of time, as the extremely cheap food source has very little nutritional value. My constant hunger does hinder my academic performance. It is a relief when there is a campus event with free food!

I am really focused on completing my education and career goals, but I am reminded constantly of how hard it is on my family financially to not be working full time. I am proud to know that WCCC is establishing the Golden Eagle’s Safety Nest. I think that is an important resource for students to have a means to get help with food expenses while working towards a rewarding future.

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