Burn Prevention Reminders

Burn Prevention Reminders

| By Catherine Marcuccilli, SNO |

It’s the season of fire pits, and soon campfires for some. This is a good time of year to remind people about precautions to take to prevent burns, which includes avoiding unplanned fires. There are many precautions to take in recreation and in household tasks. These include indoor activities like cooking and outdoor activities like fire pits.

Fire safety preparation and planning can be lifesaving. There are many useful reminders to help you enjoy your summer. Here is a list of important precautions to take around both high heat and open flames.

Be aware when cooking. With a gas stove, keep oven mitts and towels away from the stove top. For both gas and electric ovens, keep a box of baking soda nearby. In the event of cooking oil or grease catching fire, covering a small grease fire with baking soda may douse the fire. Be sure not to throw water on such a fire, because that would only cause spattering of the fire. When preparing a hot beverage, be cautious with the temperature before consuming, so that you aren’t burned. Likewise, be cautious with steam when cooking, microwaving, or draining food. Allowing steam to waft into your face could potentially burn your eyes.

When enjoying a fire pit, campfire, or indoor fireplace be sure to have someone present, and don’t leave these fires unattended. When finished with the fire, be sure that it is properly extinguished. It’s best not to leave embers, because they could pop and burst into flame outside of the fire pit or fireplace. Keep grills on non-flammable surfaces, and away from vinyl siding.

Unattended candles pose a risk for fire in a home. It’s important to place candles on a candle holder or ceramic surface that is steady and non-flammable. Keep them away from fabrics such as tablecloths, centerpieces or curtains. Only burn a candle when you plan to be in the room in which the candle is burning.

Don’t smoke. But if you do smoke, don’t fall asleep smoking, so be sure to be sitting or standing when doing so. Be sure that you have smoke detectors and that they work.

Your cell phone and other electronics can also cause a fire. Use surge protectors for charging electronics. Check for frayed cords and replace or dispose of any frayed cords. Finally, limit sun exposure to prevent sunburn.

Hoping that everyone enjoys their spring and summer seasons safely.

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