Ideas To Save You Money On Daily Food Costs

Ideas To Save You Money On Daily Food Costs

| By Catherine Marcuccilli, SNO |

Is your food budget tight?  Do you want to save a little extra for a new or used car? Many people spend more than necessary on food. Finding high nutrient foods for lower costs is possible. Warren Buffet, yes the billionaire, has been reported to keep his daily breakfast expenditure at three dollars and change. Not only do people who are on tight budgets need to save money, but a person with more money than he can spend in his lifetime has found ways to save money in order to invest it, and still maintains a tight budget on breakfast.

It is not only important to nourish our bodies but to also reduce the stress of a tight budget. So, what are some ideas? Here are a few:

Check local supermarket circulars either in print or on line. Purchase only the sale items that you either plan to eat, or plan to store for a little while. Stock up to the allowed limit on shelf stable items. Have a goal of only buying the items that you use on sale, or at the lowest price that you can find. Consider cost effective stores such as Aldi. If you’ve joined a warehouse club store, then keep track of prices to compare with regular grocery store sale prices to determine the lowest price per unit.

Grow your own vegetables. If you either don’t have enough land space, or prefer not to dig up part of your lawn, consider container gardening. Any produce you can grow yourself is a cost savings on nutrient dense food. It’s one of the ways to save on obtaining organic produce, if you prefer organic produce. Additionally, for organic produce fans, consult the Environmental Working Group website to find out the produce with the highest pesticide residue and with the lowest pesticide residue. Concentrate your dollars on organic for produce with high pesticide residue, or focus on growing those items. For the lower pesticide residue, consider buying regular instead of organic to save money.

Finally, focus on low cost, yet nutrient dense food. Know your diet restrictions if any. Consider eggs, black beans, garbanzo beans, chick peas, lentils as protein sources, with less reliance on more expensive meat. For those of you who already don’t eat meat, I’m sure you already utilize other protein sources. So, regular omnivores can concentrate on a more plant based diet, which can be packed with nutrients.

Enjoying healthy food while decreasing a budget promotes a happy life.  Hopefully, this article promotes thinking on how to save money on food, while maintaining, or even increasing good nutrition.  There are many low cost food choices available this summer to make it even more enjoyable.  Have a great summer vacation.

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