Librarian Advice – Combat Fake News!

Librarian Advice – Combat Fake News!

| By Lisa Stoll |

Fake news has always been alive and well, however, right now it’s become a prevalent topic in American society.  According to Kalev Leetaru in a post on “we see that fake news exists because as a society we have failed to teach our citizens data and information literacy.”  Information literacy is used to determine the validity of the information you find on the internet, among other things.  Learning how to be an information literate person helps to combat fake news!  As college students, information literacy is something that you will need to be a successful student.

Information literacy is an essential skill that you need to learn in order to find, evaluate, and use information for academic purposes.  In other words, that paper you’re writing right now that’s due tomorrow?  That is an academic purpose.  Writing papers, learning about stuff, being an informed citizen of the world — that’s all information literacy!  I’ll tell you a secret.  As college students, you also need to know this because it helps with your critical skills, which are going to be important for current and future jobs.  Trust me on this one.

Here at WCCC, we try to teach students about information literacy in every class, although it might always be called information literacy.  Our goal is to help all students at WCCC succeed in understanding and applying this critical skill.  There is now a tab in My Warren called “Info Literacy” that has resources regarding all stages of the writing and researching process.  I know that many of you have seen me pop up in your classes.  Some of you have even had the pleasure of seeing me multiple times!  But for those classes where I’m not invited to participate, this resource will help to explain what the library can do for you.  There’s information on picking topics, library resources, researching on the internet, citations, paraphrasing vs. quoting, etc.  All for YOU!

Remember, the library is your friend. We want you all to succeed both in college and life and we are here to help you.  Never hesitate to ask for help!

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