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Phi Theta Kappa Good Deeds Opportunities

| By Katerin Gomez |

Picture taken by Katerin Gomez

Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society invites their members to actively serve their community by performing acts of community service. These members are students with a GPA of 3.5 and above and are currently enrolled at Warren County Community College pursuing an associate’s degree. In order for them to graduate with a free PTK regalia, three good deeds are required. What exactly is a good deed? President of the PTK 2017-2018 school year, Dorothy Helmken says that a good deed is “an activity that allows students to contribute to the school through community through service.”

These good deeds have been witnessed throughout the semester by other students. In the hallways of Warren County Community College, these members have hosted events or bake sales. PTK member, Jamie, says “I love baking and meeting new people at these events.”

The most recent good deed event was the WCCC WWII Holocaust Memorial and Research Center event on October 24, where members provided refreshments. Not only that, a couple of weeks ago, on October 16th to 19th, the PTK hosted C4 Community College Completion event. At this event, volunteers assisted in giving away food, school supplies, and assisted students with signing pledge about completing their degree. One of the members at this event said, “I had a lot of fun helping students sign the pledges.” Even in the past, these members have volunteered in the Welcome Back Table and guided new students to their classrooms. Members also volunteered at the graduation ceremony last semester. Although, this week another good deed event will occur on the October 30th and the 1st of November. Members will be donating their time or a baked good to a bake sale hosted by the SGA on campus.

As mentioned before, these good deeds are not obligatory but optional. A student may want a free PTK regalia, so he or she will do the good deeds. Others perform acts of community service for the pleasure of helping. A member of the PTK said “I like being involved in these good deed events because it is fun, and I feel good after each event.”

These good deeds can be simple as providing baked gods, snacks, or collecting supplies for an event. “I would hope members get a feeling of accomplishment for helping to complete tasks and make goals. It is also hopeful that members learn from the different levels of collaboration, commitment, and leadership skills, depending on their involvement” says Helmken.

There will be more good deed events the PTK will participate in, such as the PTK Fall Induction ceremony on November 3rd. In which members will seat guests, hand out flyers, organize rooms, tables, chairs, and assist with directions throughout the halls for members’ families. “Good deeds are offered frequently throughout the year, and with varying amounts of lead time [and] most discussions of good deeds happen via email [or sometimes] good deeds are posted on the PTK bulletin board in the main hallway of the Washington campus” says Helmken.

Furthermore, the Phi Theta Kappa will continue to have more good deed events and will provide enough opportunities for members to participate in throughout the year. This will continue for future PTK chapters.

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