Dodge Poetry Festival 30th Celebration at WCCC

| By Melanie Rivera |

Martin Farawell

On October 21st, Martin Farawell was joined by 13 other poets visited Warren County Community College. They were bringing their poetry to the celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the Dodge Poetry Festival. The event was held in room E206 and began at 12 pm at WCCC; it was free and open to the public.

Opening the celebration were two panel discussions set up in two different rooms. In room E206, there was a discussion about the favorite memories of the Dodge Poetry Festival. Poet Diane Lockward was featured in the discussion. Lockwood is an author of full-length poetry collections, and has had her work featured in Poetry Daily, and The Writer’s Almanac to name a few. In room E209, “Poetry: The Violence Within/The Violence Without” was the topic of discussion.

Throughout the event, all 13 featured poets read two or three of their favorite poems from their own during the first “Poetry Sampler”. The second “Poetry Sampler” included each poet reading one poem from another poet featured at past Dodge Poetry Festivals. The event ended with Favorite Poems from the First 30 Years on Dodge Main Stage. They were read by Martin Farawell, who is the director of the Dodge Poetry Program and has been since 2009.

As the event cleared, many comments from the attendees could be heard. Claims of, “Great Job!” and “I liked that piece a lot!” came from attendee’s mouths. The event was enjoyed by everyone who had shown up on their Saturday afternoon. Smiles were on everyone’s faces as they walked out of the event.

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