Common Ground hosts Open Mic Night

| By Amy Kwiatek |

Come and join us for fun, food, and friends. New to WCCC this semester is Common Ground, a humanities club that hosts Monthly Open Mic Nights.

The gatherings take place in room 123AB from 6:30-9pm and are open to everyone who wants to share something, whether it be music, poetry, dance, song, or whatever you happen to be comfortable with. Nonverbal art is also appreciated as hooks on the walls allow for the showcasing of photography, painting, drawing, or whatever you wish to be seen.

Thus far, the only rule is that there can be NO hurtful comments calling out a student or faculty member by name, or otherwise making fun of them with negative intent, but everything else is fair game. So if you are interested in the arts, or just want to have fun, the next Open Mic is on THURSDAY, MARCH 29. There will be plenty of seating and snacks, board games, and of course entertainment provided by our fellow students.

If you wish to take part in the event or have art you wish to display: email, speak to any of our members, or simply ask while at the event. Preferably toward the beginning of the night, as you will get better placement the sooner you sign up. Also, if you’re interested in the arts, enjoy a fun night, or like the idea of being in a humanities club, feel free to join us. Next year there could be museum field trips, service hours opportunities, and much more. However, if you can’t or don’t want to join our club, feel free to give us suggestions as to what you would like to see done differently or better at our next event. Hope to see you there.

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