Stressful Midterm Weeks for WCCC Students

| By Katerin Gomez |

Warren County Community College students took their midterms for the Spring semester which brought a lot of stress with it. Each student developed his/her own strategies to cope with that stress. Education major, Jamie, said: “Midterms and finals are the most stressful times of the semester, because sometimes I have them on the same day, so I get the information confused or over study and sometimes forget what I reviewed.” A survey by Stop Procrastinating, conducted with 2,000 college students stated that “64 percent of students worry that their exam stress is negatively affecting their grades and academic performance.” Former student, Michelle, said, “It is very stressful because I have a job, kids and, these exams to worry about which only increases my anxiety and stress levels because I feel like I am running out of time.” Another student, Sam mentioned, “I study for hours for my anatomy and bio midterms and even sleep at 2 a.m. for the past couple of days trying to obtain as much information as possible.”

I know it is bad to procrastinate but I have no other option because of my work schedule (…) I pray for the best on the day of the exam

For these students, exams are very stressful. Some students study a week before the exam or the night before. A liberal arts major student said he studied the night before the exam because if he studied a week before he couldn’t retain any information and he didn’t have enough time. “I know it is bad to procrastinate but I have no other option because of my work schedule (…) I pray for the best on the day of the exam.” During, this stressful time, students self-medicate themselves. According to an article by Sadie Blood, The Daily Universe, “the biggest self-medication is distraction. TV, books, social media and all those things can suck you into a dangerous whirlpool. Self-medication is an escape tactic from reality.” WCCC student, Jamie, mentioned that “it is hard to study when your phone is next to you because it keeps vibrating with a new text or snapchat and you are just tempted to respond (…) then you notice that a half hour was spent on your phone instead of studying which makes it even more stressful because you feel like you are running out of time.” Jamie is not the only student that feels this way but another student, Kristen says that “once you are studying for an hour, you start to get bored and need something to wake you up.”

During these stressful times, students have developed strategies to cope with their stress. Jamie likes to listen to music at a low volume while studying and take a fifteen minutes break after studying for 45 minutes to an hour. Kristen says, “I prefer to study for an hour then have a snack.” Michelle said that “I like to study after having dinner for an hour or two then watch my favorite show with my family.” Another student mentioned, he liked to study in the library, then go for a jog after. Everyone has their own way in handling their stress. Especially, since finals will be during the third week of December.

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