Advertising Policy:

The Campus Racket accepts all advertisements with relevance to Warren County and the college community. All advertisements are at the discretion of The Campus Racket editorial staff. Advertisements are subject to change based on space availability or time constraints.

Advertising Rates & Requirements:

With the introduction of our online format, we are in the process of re-evaluating our rates and size requirements. We plan to offer a full-page ad/article option (utilized in our Dec. 2013 edition), a banner (top) option, and a banner (side) option that will be floated to the left or right of an article(s).

Size requirements most likely will be in the following ranges:

*Full Article Size: 760px wide X 600px high

Banner (top) Size: 900px wide X 150px high

Banner (side) Size: 200px wide x 480px high

Supplied files may be in .pdf, .eps, .jpg, .png, .tif formats. Ads may be full-color (RGB) format or grayscale if preferred. GIF or SWF formats (including animation) will be accepted as long as file sizes allow for reasonable load time.

*This format works in an effort to avoid Ad Blockers.

Rates to follow.