SGA holds 1st Open Student Body Meeting of the Semester

By Jaraad Williamson

SGA logoOn February 25, 2015, WCCC’s Student government Association (SGA) discussed and held an open student body meeting  in room 208 to discuss the future events for March and April.

The main event discussed for March was the “March Madness Luncheon”, which is taking place on Thursday March 19, 2015. SGA encourages students and faculty to bring dishes that represent them and share with the WCCC community. Bringing food is not a requirement, but highly encouraged. Other activities  at the event will include music, fun games, and even a chance to get pictures taken with friends. “It’s a great way for students to meet, eat and have fun” says Penelope Griffin, President of the Student Government. The SGA welcomes the entire student body and faculty to participate and come celebrate the upcoming spring.

April Activities will be themed on Domestic and Sexual violence awareness in honor of Sexual Violence Awareness Month. Activities included will be the famous “Denim Day” and “100 to 1”.  Denim Day is an event in which people are encouraged to wear jeans (denim) in order to raise awareness of rape and sexual assault. “100 to 1” is a Sexual Assault Awareness Month display sponsored by the Domestic Abuse & Sexual Assault Crisis Center of Warren County. The display shares stories of 100 survivors of sexual assault and the reasons they did or did not report the crime, as well as the outcomes of some of the actual reports. This sheds light on why so few survivors come forward and why so few perpetrators of sexual assault ever spend any time in jail. Hopefully, as school and a community we can bring light to the situation. ” Griffin explains.

Contact Rose lynch, who is located in Student Services, or attend the next SGA Open Student- body Meeting this month If interested in getting involved in any of the upcoming events, WCCC student government, or student activities.