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Nov/Dec 2014

Editor’s Note

Who’s in Your Class?

Barbara Donnelly

WCCC Student Wins National Award

Sheila Larson

NYC Welcomes The Teachings of H.H. Dalai Lama

Penelope Griffin

Grisaille Exhibition
on Display at WCCC

Sheila Larson

Behind the Scenes:

Rose Lynch
Lisa Stoll
Dennis Florentine
Samir Elbassiouny

Lori Fields (Stories and Photos)

Restaurant Review:
Draught House Sports Bar & Grill

Mike Gojdycz, WCCC Alumnus

Transfer Opportunities @NJIT

New Jersey Institute of Technology

When Youre Smiling,
the Whole World Smiles with You

Sgt. Dave Shriver

Alumni Trustee Update:
Tyler Thurgood - Student Voice

Barbara Donnelly

Ars Poetica Needs You!

Lu Pierro and Abi L. Rexrode

Nerd! - Cartoon Strip

Sasha Rodriguez (new to The Campus Racket!)

Math Contest Update - October

Sponsored by Mu Alpha Theta & Dr. Phillips

Math Contest for November/December

Sponsored by Mu Alpha Theta & Dr. Phillips

Phi Theta Kappa Welcomes
New Inductees for Fall 2014

Rose Lynch

Do You Eat Healthy? (Survey)

Gina Santini

It’s Flu Season...again!


Opportunities (at the ISC)

Carla Mae Weimer Schadt

Rebecca Brickel!

Phi Theta Kappa’s Community College Completion Challenge Winner

Photos Around Campus...

Alice Goffman Common Experience Event Photos by Lori Fields;
911 Memorial Photos by Rachel Peri;
First Snow Photos by Barbara Donnelly

Acadia Trade School


Muses in the Vineyard