The Award Winning Voice of the WCCC Student Body

October 2015

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Paola D’Amico-Ellis NS/SNO PR

New Alumni Trustee:
Gabrielle Brescia

Barbara Donnelly

Silent Veteran: David Keefe
Artwork in the WCCC Gallery

Maria Goncharenko

Getting Involved With Club Week at WCCC

Abe Rexrode

2015 Career Fair for Art & Design

Tracy DiTolla, Richard Homa

Behind the Scenes: Linda Collins

Barbara Donnelly

Behind the Scenes: Meaghan Engel

Barbara Donnelly

Behind the Scenes: Angelica Kelly

Barbara Donnelly

Tips for Preparing You to Graduate

Shannon Zignoli

Domestic Abuse & Sexual Assault
Crisis Center of Warren County

Campus Racket Sponsor

Gale Tucker: Long Valley Artist

Barbara Donnelly

Amateur Drones: Should They Be Restricted?

Michael Gojdycz

Easy Tips to Prevent Getting Sick this Winter

Samantha Figler

The ISC can Reduce Your Stress

Jayde Liuzza

Let Student Services Serve You

Abe Rexrode

Life Drawings (Photos)

Barbara Donnelly

Safety Tips for Traveling

Amanda Bogner

Math Contest for October

Sponsored by Mu Alpha Theta & Dr. Phillips

Photos Around Campus (Slide Show)

Barbara Donnelly and Richard Homa


Sarah Whitford