Editorial Policy

Editorial Rights of “The Campus Racket” Staff

The “Campus Racket” staff reserves the right to edit any article submitted due to content and/or space issues. The “Campus Racket” staff does not necessarily share the views or opinions of the articles submitted.

Editorial Rights of the Authors:

All editorial writers for the “Campus Racket” are protected under the First Amendment giving the writer freedom of speech.

Letters to the Editor:

All students, faculty, and staff are permitted to write a letter to the editor holding relevance to the newspaper. No Letters to the Editor will be accepted from anyone outside the college community.

Role of the Student Reporter:

The Student Reporter is responsible to present an objective and balanced article relating to WCCC.

Role of the Faculty Advisor:

The faculty advisor is a consultant, teacher and advisor but cannot censor the work of an author.  The faculty advisor deals with purchase orders and other paperwork needed to publish the newspaper.  He/she is also responsible for negotiating with vendors as well as the layout and design and technical aspects of publishing of the edition.

Submission of Articles
without a Byline:

The “Campus Racket” is open to accept all articles without a byline, as long as it follows The “Campus Racket Acceptance Policy”.